sokumen1Packlet is completely new type portable toilet!

No need every time throw away and clean up toilet.

That is easy for after use toilet.



*Enable to reduce cleaning time of disposal and running cost.

*Caregiver burdening realty reduced, and it will be in a comfortable working environment!

* 0.09USD per time! (If you used 30 times in the coagulant 4 boxes simultaneous purchase)

** ATTENTION:  This white board animation have sound.

bag_set_sOnce you set the bag you can use it 20-30 times.

Only you need is to cover the bag and pull the string.





bag_open_245Bagopensthe pedal is pressedwhen needed.

It is sanitary because the bag is sealed.

Available cleanly, anywhere anytime.





bag_close_245No need to worry the odor because of the sealed structure,

and an activated carbon and bactericide..

After using Packlet, just put in coagulant and throw it away.

(Please observe the disposal of local government)




4580475571022-5Exclusive bag, coagulant(20-30 times), deodorant fungicide,

disposable gloves are all in one set.






Attention in the use

Please note that dirt bag might be torn in contact with the sharp object.

It may be difficult to become firm when there is an abnormality in the urine.

It become jelly-like, but not a complete solid.

If the coagulant gets into your eyes, rinse with plenty of water, please consult your ophthalmologist.

If you swallowed coagulant, scrape out what is in the mouth, please consult your doctor.

Please keep itout of reach ofinfants.

Please do not keep it by the side of the fire and humid place.

After use in the field, please tie the mouth of the bag tightly and bring it back.